Australian Bush Flowers

ALPINE MINT BUSH (mental and emotional exhaustion)
This Essence works on the mental and emotional levels. It is for people who work in healing, health administration, or situations where there is a great deal of care for others. These caregivers can be in danger of burning out or becoming disillusioned; they can reach a point of tiredness and feel their life has lost its joy. 

Negative Condition: Mental and emotional exhaustion; lack of joy, and weight of responsibility of caregivers
Positive Outcome: Revitalization, joy, renewal


ANGELSWORD (spiritual discernment)
This Essence is for reaching one’s own spiritual truth by cutting through any confusion or misinformation. Taking this essence allows access and retrieval of previously developed gifts from past lives. Angelsword protects from outside influences and entities so one can receive clear information from one’s Higher Self without interference. Angels word releases any energies that entered while the aura was open.

Negative Condition: Interference with a true spiritual connection to Higher Self; spiritually possessed; spiritual confusion
Positive Outcome: Spiritual discernment; accessing gifts from past lifetimes; release of negatively held psychic energies; clear spiritual communication


AUTUMN LEAVES (releasing the physical plane)
This Essence allows one to hear, see, and feel communication from the other side and be open to that guidance and communication. It emphasizes the sense of letting go and moving on in a very profound way. The leaves themselves are collected from a sacred area, in autumn, at the exact moment of their release from the trees. This Essence will ease the transition of the passing over from the physical plane to the spiritual world.

Negative Condition: Difficulties in the transition of passing over from the physical plane to the spiritual world
Positive Outcome: Letting go and moving on; increase awareness and communication with loved ones in the spiritual world


BANKSIA ROBUR (disheartened, frustrated)
This Essence addresses temporary loss of drive and enthusiasm due to burnout, disappointment, or frustration. This is for people who are normally very dynamic. When added to bathwater this will assist in washing away negativity.

Negative Condition: Disheartened; lethargic; frustrated
Positive Outcome: Enjoyment of life; enthusiasm; interest in life


BAUHINIA (reluctant to change)
This Essence is for embracing new concepts and ideas. There may be some hesitation or reluctance, initially, in coming to terms with these. It can also help when there is a person who is annoying or whom you dislike.

Negative Condition: Resistance to change; rigidity; reluctance
Positive Outcome: Acceptance; open-mindedness


BILLY GOAT PLUM (shame, self-loathing)
This Essence is for feelings of shame, self-disgust, and self-loathing. For those people who feel revolted and dirty about sex and feel unclean afterward. It can also be for feelings of revulsion about other physical aspects such as acne, eczema, a large nose, etc.

Negative Condition: Shame; inability to accept the physical self; physical loathing
Positive Outcome: Sexual pleasure and enjoyment; acceptance of self and one’s physical body; open-mindedness


BLACK-EYED SUSAN (constant striving, impatience)
This Essence is for people who are impatient or always “on the go”. These people are continually rushing and their lives are always overflowing with commitments. This Essence enables these people to slow down, to find calmness and inner guidance.

Negative Condition: Impatience; “on the go”; over-committed; constant striving
Positive Outcome: Ability to turn inward and be still; slowing down; inner peace


BLUEBELL (closed heart, fear of lack)
This Essence helps to open the heart. It is for those who feel cut-off from their feelings. The emotion is there but is held within. They are subconsciously afraid to express it for they fear their feelings of love, joy, etc. are finite or not renewable. They operate from a subconscious fear that there is just not enough and that if they let go of what they have, they will not survive. This fear can often be marked by a controlling, rigid, and forthright manner.

Negative Condition: Closed; fear of lack; greed; rigidity
Positive Outcome: Opens the heart; belief in abundance; universal trust; joyful sharing; unconditional love


BOAB (releasing family patterns)
This Essence is one of the most powerful of all the Bush Essences and has brought about profound change. Boab clears negative emotional and mental family patterns that are passed on from generation to generation. Boab can access and clear those core patterns and all the related ensuing beliefs. This Essence is very beneficial in helping those who have had experiences of abuse or prejudice from others. It will also help clear the negative lines of karma between people.

Negative Condition: Enmeshment in negative family patterns; for recipients of abuse and prejudice
Positive Outcome: Personal freedom by releasing family patterns; clearing of other, non-family, negative Karmic connections


BORONIA (revolving obsessions)
This Essence is for revolving obsessions – thoughts, events, things, or ideas which are stuck. It leads to clarity and focus. It combines well with Bottlebrush for breaking habits and addictions and for dealing with an ended relationship when there is pining for the other person. This Essence also enhances focus for creative visualization.

Negative Condition: Obsessive thoughts; pining; broken-hearted
Positive Outcome: Clarity; serenity; creative visualization


BOTTLEBRUSH (overwhelmed by major change)
This Essence helps people move through major life changes and the overwhelm that often goes with those changes, especially in retirement, menopause, adolescence or death, etc. Bottlebrush is an excellent remedy for pregnant women and new mothers who feel inadequate. It will help throughout pregnancy until after the birth and will assist with bonding between the mother and child. It is excellent for healing unresolved mother issues.

Negative Condition: Unresolved mother issues; overwhelmed by major life changes – old age, adolescence, parenthood, pregnancy, approaching death
Positive Outcome: Serenity and calm; ability to cope and move on; mother-child bonding


BUSH FUCHSIA (access intuition and trust)
This Essence assists with problem-solving and improves one’s access to intuition – it helps a person to trust their own “gut” feelings. Bush Fuchsia allows for balance between the logical/rational and the intuitive/creative. It will give people courage and clarity in public speaking as well as the ability to speak out about their own convictions.

Negative Condition: Switched-off; nervousness about public speaking; ignoring “gut” feelings; clumsy
Positive Outcome: Courage to speak-out; clarity; in tough with intuition; integration of information; integration of male and female aspects


BUSH GARDENIA (renew passion in a relationship)
This Essence is for renewing passion and interest in relationships. It helps draw together those who are moving away from one another, busy in their own world (career, life, etc.). It is not only for romantic relationships but also for family relationships.

Negative Condition: Stale relationships; self-interest; unaware
Positive Outcome: Passion; renews interest in a partner; improves communication


BUSH IRIS (opening to the spiritual)
This Essence was one of the first Essences to be prepared. It helps to open people up to their spirituality and to access the doorway to their higher perceptions. It allows the trinity to flow into a person and is an excellent remedy to give someone who has just started the medication of “conscious” spiritual growth. 

Negative Condition: Fear of death; materialism; atheism; physical excess; avarice
Positive Outcome: Awakening of spirituality; acceptance of death as a transition state; clearing blocks in the base chakra and trust center.


CHRISTMAS BELL (lack of abundance)
This Essence assists one with mastery of the physical plane and with stewardship of one’s possessions. It also helps one to manifest their desired outcomes and is extremely beneficial for anyone experiencing a sense of lack. Christmas Bell, operating at a deep spiritual level, helps one to also realize that the most important things in life are not physical and not to be distracted by having their time and energy consumed in the pursuit of these worldly things.

Negative Condition: Lack of abundance; a sense of lack; poor stewardship of one’s possessions
Positive Outcome: Helps one to manifest their desired outcome; assists one with mastery of the physical plane


CROWEA (continually worrying)
This Essence is for people who are feeling “not quite right” with themselves and are just a little out of balance. It is excellent for people not sure of what it is they are feeling and is great for those who always have something to worry about, without having specific fears.

Negative Condition: Continual worrying; a sense of being “not quite right”
Positive Outcome: Peace and calm; balances and centers the individual; clarity of one’s feelings


DAGGER HAKEA (resentment, holding grudges)
This Essence is for people who feel resentment and bitterness and hold grudges against those with whom they have been very close (e.g. family members and old lovers). This resentment is often not openly displayed.

Negative Condition: Resentment; bitterness towards close family, friends, lovers
Positive Outcome: Forgiveness; open expression of feelings


DOG ROSE (apprehension, fear of others)
This Essence is for treating fears, niggling little fears, not terror. It is also for shy, insecure, timid, nervous people.

Negative Condition: Fearful; shy; insecure; apprehensive of others; niggling fears
Positive Outcome: Confidence; belief in self; courage; ability to embrace life more fully


DOG ROSE OF THE WILD FORCES (fear of losing control)
This Essence deals with fear. It is taken when a person has a fear of losing control, when the emotions they are feeling within themselves or immediately around them are just so intense there is a sense of losing total control. On a higher level, it helps to teach the necessity of gaining control over the emotions so the emotional intensity will not distort one’s natural energies.

Negative Condition: Fear of losing control; hysteria; pain with no apparent cause
Positive Outcome: Calm and centered in times of inner and outer turmoil; emotional balance


FIVE CORNERS (low self-esteem, crushed)
This Essence resolves low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and diminished love. It allows the life force to flow leaving a person feeling good and strong in themselves, and they feel their own love and beauty. In the negative mode, the person will appear crushed and “held in”.

Negative Condition: Low self-esteem; dislike of self; crushed, held-in personality; clothing drab and colorless
Positive Outcome: Love and acceptance of self; a celebration of own beauty; joyousness


FLANNEL FLOWER (discomfort with intimacy)
This Essence is for people who are uncomfortable with emotional intimacy as well as physical contact and touching. They often have difficulty in maintaining their personal boundaries. It helps one to totally trust and express verbally their innermost feelings. It brings to both males and females a desire to and enjoyment in, expressing themselves physically. It is excellent for males allowing for gentleness, softness, and sensitivity in touching.

Negative Condition: Dislike of being touched; lack of sensitivity in males; uncomfortable with intimacy
Positive Outcome: Gentleness and sensitivity in touching; trust; openness; expression of feelings; joy in physical activity


FRESHWATER MANGROVE (opens the heart to new experience)
This Essence helps to release and heal mental prejudice, allowing the heart to open without prejudgement. It is for those who mentally reject or have already made up their mind about something without it ever being experienced. Often the seeds of this prejudice have been sown for a long time. In many cases, it is generational, as in the case of countries where religious prejudice is passed on and accepted by the young without question. This Essence has the potential to allow us to fully experience and be open on both a mental and heart level to new perceptual shifts and all the changes occurring at this time.

Negative Condition: Heart closed due to expectations or prejudices which have been taught, not personally experienced.
Positive Outcome: Openness to new experiences, people and perceptual shifts; healthy questioning of traditional standards and beliefs


FRINGED VIOLET (protect and heal aura)
This Essence is for treating damage to the aura where there has been shock, grief, or distress (e.g. from abuse or assault). This remedy maintains psychic protection and is excellent for people who are drained by others or those who unconsciously absorb the physical and emotional imbalances of others. It releases shock from the body.

When used in combination with Flannel Flower or Wisteria it is beneficial for those who have suffered abuse.

Negative Condition: Damage to aura; distress; lack of psychic protection 
Positive Outcome: Removal of effects of recent or old distressing events; heals damage to aura; psychic protection


GREEN ESSENCE (harmonize yeast and mold)
This Essence is not from flowers, but rather the stems and leaves of traditional, fresh, green herbs. It is used to harmonize any internal yeast, mold, and parasites to the same vibration as one’s body. It should be taken orally for a minimum of two weeks, five drops 3 times daily, five minutes before meals. It can also be used topically on the skin or internally as a douche.

Negative Condition: Emotional distress associated with intestinal and skin disorders
Positive Outcome: Harmonizes the vibration of any yeast, mold, or parasite to one’s own vibration; purifying


GREEN SPIDER ORCHID (past life phobias)
This Essence is very much aligned with higher learnings, philosophies, and deeper insight. This Essence can assist in working with telepathy, to attune a person to be more receptive to not only other people but also other species and kingdoms. It is for people who are teaching spiritual matters and understandings, helping them to impart that knowledge. It also releases nightmares, terror, and phobias stemming from past lives.

Negative Condition: Nightmares and phobias from past life experiences; intense negative reactions to the sight of blood
Positive Outcome: Telepathic communication; ability to withhold information until the timing is appropriate; attunement


GREY SPIDER ORCHID (extreme of psychic terror)
This Essence helps to deal with extreme terror, especially terror experienced in life-threatening situations of psychic attack. It deals with panic and nightmares. This Essence will restore faith and trust.

Negative Condition: Terror; fear of supernatural and psychic attack
Positive Outcome: Faith; calm; courage


GYMEA LILY (dominating, attention-seeking)
This Essence is for excessive pride and arrogance and helps bring about humility. It is for reaching up to the energy of arrogance and transforming it to achieve great heights. It gives strength to those who are ahead of their peers and helps them to stay at the top. It is also very beneficial for people whose personalities are very intense or extroverted or those who are dominating, demanding, and very charismatic who usually get their way. It is also for people who like to be seen and noticed and who seek glamour and status.

Negative Condition: Arrogant; attention-seeking; craving status and glamour; dominating and overriding personality
Positive Outcome: Humility; allowing others to express themselves and contribute; awareness, appreciation, and taking notice of others 


HIBBERTIA (excessive self-discipline)
This Essence is for people who are strict and regimented or even fanatical with themselves or for those who use their knowledge to gain an upper hand. They constantly devour information and philosophies purely to make themselves better people but often without truly integrating it. In the positive mode, these people will be accepting of themselves and their own innate knowledge and experiences, without wanting to be superior to others.

Negative Condition: Fanatical about self-improvement; driven to acquire knowledge; excessive self-discipline; superiority
Positive Outcome: Content with own knowledge; acceptance; ownership and utilization of own knowledge


ILLAWARRA FLAME TREE (a deep sense of rejection)
This Essence is for those who suffer from a great sense of rejection, or who feel “left out”. this rejection is deeply felt and is very agonizing for the person. This Essence is also for self-rejection, or for a person feeling apprehensive about a new experience (e.g. parenthood, or where there is a fear of responsibility). This Essence will help a person take the first step. It is also beneficial for those whose numbers in numerology are 11, 22, or 33 – people who have usually chosen to do very important work in this life.

Negative Condition: Overwhelming sense of rejection; fear of responsibility 
Positive Outcome: Confidence; commitment; self-reliance; self-approval 


ISOPOGON (learning from the past)
This Essence is for people who live very much in their heads. They are dominated by their intellect and there is often a separation between their heart and head. This Essence, like Tall Yellow Top, connects one’s emotions (heart) with their thoughts (head). It especially benefits those people who control through stubbornness, It enables the retrieval of long-forgotten skills and information.

Negative Condition: Inability to learn from past experience; stubborn; controlling personality
Positive Outcome: Ability to learn from past experience; retrieval of forgotten skills; relating without manipulating or controlling; ability to remember the past


JACARANDA (to be centered and decisive)
This Essence is for people who dither, never completing things because they are constantly changing what they are doing.

Negative Condition: Scattered; changeable; dithering; rushing
Positive Outcome: Decisiveness; quick-thinking; centered


KANGAROO PAW (unaware and socially inept)
This Essence is for people who are “green” and socially inept. They do not know how to properly interact with other people. They can be very insensitive because they are so focused on themselves that they miss the cues and needs of other people around them. They can be very self-centered.
Negative Condition: Gauche; unaware; insensitive; inept; clumsy
Positive Outcome: Kindness; sensitivity; savoire faire; enjoyment of people; relaxed


KAPOK BUSH (apathetic and resigned)
This Essence is for people who have a tendency to give up very easily, who are easily discouraged. It can also give people an overview of a plan or situation and then allow them to work it through sequentially and be able to bring it to fruition. It could even be for someone with a piece of technology or machinery, to assist them to understand how it works.

Negative Condition: Apathy; resignation; discouraged; half-hearted
Positive Outcome: Willingness; application; “give it a ‘go'”; persistence; perception


LICHEN (supports significant transitions)
This Essence helps an individual to be aware of, look for and go to the Light at the moment of physical death. The alternative to the soul going through to the Light is to stay earthbound in the astral plane – what we commonly refer to as “a ghost”. There is a great deal of darkness operating on the astral plane and it is certainly a level that the soul would be well-advised to move through quickly. A violent or sudden death can also result in the increased likelihood of the Spirit staying earthbound and the spraying of Lichen from an atomizer bottle would be of great benefit for these souls, helping them to see and go to the Light. Even where there is an unexpected sudden death (e.g. a car accident) the individual who dies in such an experience is fully aware at the level of their Higher Self, of what is about to happen and that they are going to pass over. Two weeks before such an event the etheric body starts to disengage and unravel from the physical body. Lichen assists the etheric and the physical bodies to separate in preparation for passing over. 

Negative Condition: Not knowing to look for and move into the Light when passing over; earth bound in the astral plane 
Positive Outcome: Eases one’s transition into the Light; assists separation between the physical and etheric body; releases earthbound energies


LITTLE FLANNEL FLOWER (find joy, playfulness)
This Essence deals with the child aspect in us all. It addresses the expression of playfulness, being carefree and spontaneous joy. It is for people who regard life as a very somber and serious experience. It is also for children who tend to grow up much too quickly, who take on the troubles of the world and get old before their time. It helps children get in contact with their spirit guides. 

Negative Condition: Denial of the “child” within; seriousness in children; grimness in adults
Positive Outcome: Carefree; playfulness; joyful


MACRO BUSH or MACROCARPA (endurance, inner-strength)
This Essence brings about renewed enthusiasm, endurance, and inner strength.
Negative Condition: Drained; jaded; worn-out
Positive Outcome: Enthusiasm; inner-strength; endurance


MINT BUSH (cope with spiritual emergence)
This Essence helps one cope with being tested to their limit. There is usually a great deal of confusion and one can have a sense that everything is too difficult and too much to deal with and resolve. These feelings can also arise during intense changes in your life – divorce, bankruptcy, severe illness or accidents, changing religious beliefs or affiliations.


Negative Condition: Perturbation; confusion; spiritual emergence; initial turmoil and void of spiritual initiation
Positive Outcome: Smooth spiritual initiation; clarity; calmness; ability to cope


MONGA WARATAH (empowerment, the strength of will)
This Essence can help a person find their own inner strength which enables them to reach out. It addresses the negative conditions of disempowerment of being overly needy; of feeling not strong enough; of feeling unable to do things alone; of always needing the strength and support of others; feeling choked or stifled in situations or relationships and feeling not able to strong enough to leave. This Essence very much addresses co-dependency as well as strengthening one’s will. Consequently, it can be thought of when working with addictions. It gives you the belief and sense that you can break any dependency upon a behavior, substance, or person. It helps one to reclaim their spirit.

Negative Condition: Neediness; co-dependency; inability to do things alone; disempowerment; addictive personality
Positive Outcome: Strengthening of one’s will; reclaiming of one’s spirit; belief that one can break the dependency of any behavior, substance, or person; self-empowerment


MOUNTAIN DEVIL (anger and blocks to love)
This Essence helps one to deal with feelings of hatred, anger, jealousy, and the major blocks of expressing love. It is for people who tend to be suspicious of others. It helps to develop unconditional love and acceptance. It helps one to express anger in a healthy way and to develop sound boundaries which may open the way to forgiveness.

Negative Condition: Hatred; anger; holding of grudges; suspiciousness
Positive Outcome: Unconditional love; happiness; healthy boundaries; forgiveness


MULLA MULLA (pain, fear of burns)
This Essence is for personal recovery from the shattering experience of burns from heat or fire. It reduces the negative effects of fire and the sun’s rays. IT is for those with a fear of fire or flames (often from a past life). If this fear is unconscious it will often manifest in a lack of vitality, as if they wish to fade away. If a person presents with this picture they can, with appropriate counseling, reveal this fear of fire or hot objects.

Negative Condition: Fear of flames and hot objects; distress associated with exposure to heat and sun
Positive Outcome: Reduces the effects of fire and the sun; feeling comfortable with fire and heat


OLD MAN BANKSIA (unenthusiastic and weary)
This Essence is for people who are weary, frustrated and disheartened by setbacks. It helps to bring a spark into those people’s lives who are heavy and slow-moving. They tend to be reliable, dependable people who steadily plod on, often hiding the weariness while battling on with unceasing effort.

Negative Condition: Weary; phlegmatic personalities; disheartened; frustrated
Positive Outcome: Enjoyment of life; renews enthusiasm; interest in life


PAW PAW (absorbing new information)
This Essence is for the assimilation and integration of new ideas and information, especially where there is a tendency to feel overwhelmed by the quantity of that information. It should be used when one is unable to solve a problem. It will activate the Higher Self, where we have the answers to all our problems. It will ease the burden of problems as it activates the intuitive processes to provide solutions.

Negative Condition: Overwhelm; unable to resolve problems; burdened by decision
Positive Outcome: Improved access to Higher Self for problem-solving; assimilation of new ideas; calmness; clarity

PEACH FLOWERED TEA TREE (commitment, stability)
This Essence is for people with extreme mood swings, hypochondriacal people, and those who have a fear of getting old. It can also be used for people who get enthusiastic and then, for no apparent reason, lose that enthusiasm. It is for those who do not “follow through” on their goals and convictions. Once the challenge goes, they become bored and lose interest. It will help develop stability, consistency, drive, and commitment.

Negative Condition: Mood swings; lack of commitment to follow through on projects; easily bored; hypochondriacs
Positive Outcome: Ability to complete projects; personal stability; take responsibility for one’s health


PHILOTHECA (accepting love)
This Essence allows people to accept acknowledgment for their achievements and to “let in” love. They are often good listeners and generous, giving people. It allows shy people to speak of their plans and success. 

Negative Condition: Inability to accept acknowledgment; excessive generosity
Positive Outcome: Ability to receive love and acknowledgment; ability to let in praise


PINK FLANNEL FLOWER (gratitude, appreciation)
This Essence is all about heart energy. It allows one to be in a state of gratitude for all aspects of their life and for what they are experiencing around them. It brings about an appreciation of and helps one take delight and pleasure in, the details and little things in life; to see and be aware of the blessings in every moment. It has been over forty years since this was last seen flowering, which explains why some Botanists and local people doubt its actual existence.

Negative Condition: Feeling and seeing life to be dull, flat, and lackluster; unappreciative; unhappy; taking for granted; unmindful
Positive Outcome: Gratitude; open-hearted; joie de vivre; appreciative; the lightness of being


PINK MULLA MULLA (deep healing and trust)
This Essence is for those who have suffered a deep spiritual wound long ago, often in their first incarnation, where they felt abandoned by Spirit which has led to a deep scar on the soul and psyche. It works on the outer causal bodies clearing sabotage (and fear of spiritual abandonment once more) that is stopping their spiritual growth. On an emotional level, Pink Mulla Mulla is for those who put out prickles to keep people away. They tend to be quite isolated and unable to resolve a hurt, wrong, or injustice which can be felt very deeply. This impinges on their attitude to those around them and can make them suspicious of people’s motives, allowing them no rest. They are often on guard against people hurting them again, they may protect themselves by saying hurtful things to others. What they say to those around them does not always reflect how they really feel. It is merely a way of keeping people at a safe distance.

Negative Condition: Deep ancient wound on the psyche; an outer-guarded and prickly personal to prevent being hurt; keeps people at a distance
Positive Outcome: Deep Spiritual healing; trusting and opening up


RED GREVILLEA (become true to self)
This Essence is for people who feel stuck. It acts as a catalyst for those who know what they want to achieve but do not know how to go about it. It is for people who are too reliant on others. It promotes independence and boldness. This Essence is extremely effective though the changes may not be anticipated.

Negative Condition: Feeling stuck; oversensitive; affected by criticism and unpleasant people; too reliant on others
Positive Outcome: Boldness; strength to leave unpleasant situations; indifference to the judgment of others


RED HELMET ORCHID (resolving father issues)
This Essence helps a man bond to his child or children. It helps men to be aware to allocate quality family time. It is also for anyone with unresolved father issues, which can manifest as a recurrent, lifelong rebellious attitude to authority figures – police, bosses, etc.

Negative Condition: Rebelliousness; hot-headed; unresolved father issues; selfishness
Positive Outcome: Male-bonding; sensitivity; respect; consideration


RED LILY (live in the present)
This Essence is for spirituality and connection to God in a grounded and centered way, allowing a person to have a wholeness to their spirituality by also realizing the need to develop and maintain a balanced physical and emotional life. 

Negative Condition: Vague; disconnected; split; lack of focus; daydreaming
Positive Outcome: Grounded; focused; living in the present; connection with life and God


RED SUVA FRANGIPANI (strength to cope)
This Essence addresses the great emotional intensity, difficulty, and hardship that people can go through when a relationship is ending, close to ending, or going through a very “rocky” period. It can also be taken for the enormous initial pain and sadness of the loss of a loved one. The person can be feeling greatly disturbed, not suicidal as in the case of Waratah, but torn apart by the event or situation.

Negative Condition: Initial grief, sadness, and upset of either a relationship at rock bottom or of the death of a loved one; emotional upheaval, turmoil, and rawness
Positive Outcome: Feeling calm and nurtured; inner peace and strength to cope


ROUGH BLUEBELL (release malice, hurtfulness)
This Essene helps people fully express the love vibration innate within them. It is for people who are very manipulative and for those who are deliberately malicious and use people, either subtly or openly. It can be for those who play the role of the martyr and like to have others obligated to them. They are aware of the needs of others but want love and affection for themselves and are not concerned about or unable to give it back.

Negative Condition: Deliberately hurtful, manipulative, exploitive, or malicious 
Positive Outcome: Compassion; release of one’s inherent love vibration; sensitivity


SHE OAK (emotionally open to conceiving)
This Essence is very beneficial in overcoming imbalances and bringing about a sense of well-being in females. It will benefit women who feel distressed about infertility. It removes those personal blocks that prevent conception. It can also be used in conjunction with Flannel Flower which will help remove karmic patterns hindering conception. 

Negative Condition: Female imbalance; inability to conceive for non-physical reasons
Positive Outcome: Emotionally open to conceive; female balance


SILVER PRINCESS (motivation, life’s purpose)
This Essence brings about awareness of one’s life direction. Though it may not always reveal to a person their full life plan, it will aid people who are at crossroads, helping to show them what their next step is. It helps give them an understanding of that direction. This Essence is also excellent when one has reached an important goal and yet one is left feeling very flat, thinking “is this all there is”. In this case, it gives one a glimpse or a sense of what is next and allows one to enjoy the journey whilst striving for the goal.

Negative Condition: Aimless; despondent; feeling flat; lack of direction
Positive Outcome: Motivation; direction; life purpose


SLENDER RICE FLOWER (group harmony, co-operation)
This Essence is for people who are racist, narrow-minded and lack humility. It can be used for group harmony and conflict resolution when individual egos get in that way. It allows for greater co-operation between people for the common good. This Essence has the ability to make an individual aware of the common divinity in all people.

Negative Condition: Prejudice; racism; narrow-mindedness; comparison with others
Positive Outcome: Humility; group harmony; co-operation; perception of beauty in others


SOUTHERN CROSS (resolving victimhood)
This Essence is for people who have a tendency to feel that they are a victim, that lie has been hard on them. It helps people to understand that they create all the situations that happen to them in life and that they can change their situation by changing their thoughts.
Negative Condition: Victim mentality; complaining; bitter; martyrs; poverty consciousness
Positive Outcome: Personal power; taking responsibility; positiveness


SPINIFEX (victim to illness)
This Essence is the first Essence made from a grass species. It is for those who have a sense of being a victim to and having no control over illnesses, especially those with persistent and recurring symptoms.
Negative Condition: Sense of being a victim to illness
Positive Outcome: Empowers one through an emotional understanding of illness


STURT DESERT PEA (deep emotional pain and hurt)
This Essence is for deep hurts and sorrows. There are at least three Aboriginal legends connecting this flower to grief and sadness. This is one of the most powerful Essences and it can help the person bring about amazing changes in their life.

Negative Condition: Emotional pain; deep hurt; sadness
Positive Outcome: Letting go; triggers healthy grieving; releases deep-held grief and sadness


STURT DESERT ROSE (guilt and remorse)
This Essence is for guilt, including sexual guilt, which can be an emotional trigger for many sexual problems. It is also for following your own inner convictions and morality, helping you to follow through with what you know you have to do. If one is not true to themselves then there can often arise, as a consequence, feelings of regret or remorse. It can restore self-esteem that has been damaged by past actions you may have felt guilty about.

Negative Condition: Guilt; regret and remorse; low self-esteem; easily led
Positive Outcome: Courage; conviction; true to self; integrity


SUNDEW (focused, present)
This Essence is for people who are vague and indecisive and do not pay attention to detail. It is for those who tend to “split off” easily, especially when there is work to be done. This Essence will keep them focused on the present and reduces procrastination. It is for those who tend to be vague, dreamy, or drawn to drugs. 

Negative Condition: Vagueness; disconnectedness; split; indecisive; lack of focus; daydreaming
Positive Outcome: Attention to detail; grounded; focused; living in the present


SUNSHINE WATTLE (open to bright future)
This Essence is for people who have had a difficult time in the past and who are stuck there They bring their negative experiences of the past into the present. Life is seen as being grim and full of struggle. When they look at life they only see bleakness, hard times, and disappointment continuing into the future. In the positive mode, these people will see the beauty, joy, and excitement in the present and optimistically anticipate the future.
Negative Condition: Stuck in the past; expectation of a grim future; struggle
Positive Outcome: Optimism; acceptance of the beauty and joy in the present; open to a bright future


SYDNEY ROSE (love and unity)
This Essence helps a person to realize and to know on a deep heart-level and not merely an intellectual level…that there is no separation between us, that we are all one. 
Negative Condition: Feeling separated, deserted, unloved, or morbid
Positive Outcome: Realizing we are all one; feeling safe and at peace; heartfelt compassion; a sense of unity


TALL MULLA MULLA (for the socially ill at ease)
This Essence is for people who are not at ease being with others. They prefer their own company and enjoy being alone but miss out on the emotional growth that interaction with others can bring. On an emotional level, there is not much “circulating with people” as it feels too troublesome and uncomfortable. They do not easily mix with others. They prefer to be alone where they know their own environment and can avoid confrontation with others They will often go to any length to keep the peace even if it means agreeing to or saying things they don’t believe. They do not breathe in life deeply for they prefer holding on to the familiar rather than being open to the new.

Negative Condition: Ill at ease; sometimes fearful of circulating and mixing with others; loner; distressed by and avoids confrontation
Positive Outcome: Feeling relaxed and secure with other people; encourages social interaction


TALL YELLOW TOP (alienation and belonging)
This Essence is for alienation. There is no feeling of connection or sense of belonging to family, workplace, country, self, etc. Often as a consequence of alienation the head, or intellect, takes over from the heart. As many people have been in this state for a long time, Tall Yellow Top will often need to be used for longer periods, sometimes for up to 6-8 weeks without a break. It is important when in this state to reach out to others for support.

Negative Condition: Alienation; loneliness; isolation
Positive Outcome: Sense of belonging; acceptance of self and others; knowing that you are “home”; ability to reach out


TURKEY BUSH (creative expression)
This Essence is all about creativity. It is for both the beginner and the artist. It allows a person to tune into their Higher Self and helps them to move through creative block and discouragement. This Essence brings about a desire to express and allows creativity to flow.
Negative Condition: Creative block; disbelief in own creative ability
Positive Outcome: Inspired creativity; creative expression; focus; renews artistic confidence


WARATAH (black despair)
This Essence is for the person who is going through the “black night of the soul” and is in utter despair. It gives them the strength and courage to cope with their crisis and will bring their survival skills to the forefront. This Essence will also enhance and amplify those skills. It is for emergencies and great challenges.
Negative Condition: Despair; hopelessness; inability to respond to a crisis
Positive Outcome: Courage; tenacity; adaptability; strong faith; enhancement of survival skills


WEDDING BUSH (commitment, dedication)
This Essence is excellent for commitment, whether in relationships, employment, the family, or personal goals. It can be of great benefit for a relationship when one or both individuals are uncertain if they wish to work through the issues their partner is bringing up to them. It can also be used for people who flit from one relationship to another or for when the initial attraction in the relationship diminishes.

Negative Condition:  Difficulty with commitment
Positive Outcome: Commitment to relationships; commitment to goals; dedication to life purpose


WILD POTATO BUSH (physically weighed down)
This Essence is an excellent remedy for anyone feeling burdened or frustrated by any physical restriction or limitation with their body. This Essence brings about a sense of renewed enthusiasm, freedom, and the ability to move on in life. It is especially for those who feel heavy and need to step out of the old self, but who feel it is difficult to do so.

Negative Condition: Weighed-down; feeling encumbered
Positive Outcome: Ability to move on in life; freedom; renews enthusiasm


WISTERIA (sensuality, gentleness)
This Essence is for women who are uncomfortable with their sexuality. They may be unable to relax and enjoy sex, or afraid of physical intimacy and/or sensuality. It is especially beneficial for those who have had traumatic sexual experiences.

Negative Condition: Feeling uncomfortable with sex; closed sexuality; macho male
Positive Outcome: Sexual enjoyment; enhanced sensuality; sexual openness; gentleness


YELLOW COWSLIP ORCHID (from critical to constructive)
This Essence is about social order, group activity, and harmony. When out of balance there is excessive judgment and criticism.

Negative Condition: Critical; judgmental; bureaucratic; nit-picking
Positive Outcome: Humanitarian concern; impartiality – stepping back from emotions; construction; a keener sense of arbitration 

Notice: This information is provided with the intention to support vitality and well-being, and is not a substitute for medical advice, which can only be provided by a medical professional. The physiological measurements displayed on Healy Watch and in the Healy Apps are designed to help you develop healthier habits and meet your fitness and wellness goals, to guide you in using the programs available in your Healy, and to alert you to information that may make a consultation with a healthcare provider appropriate. The Healy Individualized Microcurrent Frequency programs are intended solely for harmonization of the Bioenergetic Field. No claims are made that Healy Watch or Healy Watch App readings are diagnostic of the presence or absence of any medical conditions.