Restoration with Healy

Restore your body. Enjoy your life. 

About Healy

Healy operates on multiple levels of energy and information. It is a revolutionary technology based on electricity, zero-field frequencies, scalar energy and an emerging science of quantum physics that is only now beginning to present itself into mainstream medicine.

The heart of the Healy device is the frequency generator and quantum sensor nestled at the center of the machine which harmonizes and stabilizes the information circulating around and within the physical human body. At this level, a new form of energy, scalar energy, is recognized and proceeds to revitalize the electrophysiological, mental and emotional systems.

Complementing the frequency generator is the Healy Coil which creates a double magnetic field that collapses into a quantum potential of zero-field frequencies. The coil does not exert any force on the human body. It unlocks pure, active information to influence the atoms and ions spinning in the cells.

The Healy Watch is an additional device to complement the quantum sensor. The Watch is a wearable that gives you unprecedented access to information regarding your health and well-being. Among a variety of metrics, it tracks biorhythms and heart rate variability which allows you to know your body at levels beyond the traditional, mainstream settings.

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Identify and fuel your body with the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids that are for your specific body through digital nutrition. 

Digital Nutrition is the application of specific frequencies flowing in and out of the body. Every person, animal, plant, etc. has a vibrational signature frequency and informational field.

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Scalar Energy Therapy

Harmonize your bioenergetic field. New technology that communicates with your cell to provide microcurrent repair, relief and restoration frequencies. 

*Services include:

- Personalized programs

- Aura cleansing | $85 for 30 min session

- Resonant frequency interval sessions for acute problems. Frequencies also include individual vitamins and minerals to harmonize your Bioenergetic Field. | $55 for 30 min session

- Improve cognitive function

* Services are provided using scalar energy technology from the FDA approved, Healy medical device. All services are available virtually

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Track and monitor your health by measuring and evaluating various balance parameters and providing optimal support for your daily life to assist with mind and body balance.


Features include: 

- Breathing Exercises

Meridian Clock

- Heart Rate Variability

- Stress Monitoring

- Digital Nutrition Applications

-  Sleep Monitoring

- Workout Tracking

- SOS Functionality

- 24 Hour Monitoring